Helping Little Minds Learn Big Things: Our Partnership with bümo

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We’re so excited to be a part of the first-ever bümobox, a hands-on component of the curriculum for the new BümoBrain. Designed for children ages 3-6, bümo Virtual School was founded to provide an early learning option that focuses on creativity and exploration, collaboration, and parental involvement, all from the comfort of home.

Though everything is conducted virtually, real teachers offer lessons in real-time, and there’s a big emphasis on human interaction and tactile experiences (with parental involvement and low teacher-to-student ratios).

In keeping with this unique approach to learning and “helping little minds learn big things,” the bümobox is an exciting and hands-on addition to the bümo Virtual School program. Each month, students receive a box filled with educational products that help boost their learning experience—and are aesthetically pleasing, too (cue collective sigh of relief).

Image of bumo box Items for Favor

Our Maple Lacing Whale Toy is included in the very first bümobox, giving children the opportunity to practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with a toy that’s pretty enough to keep out on the shelf (and is ethically-made from environmentally-friendly materials). The box also includes STEM and language-learning toys and books, as well as supplemental craft supplies and materials to go alongside different lessons.

We are big believers in the power of education AND the power of human connection, and are so thrilled to be a part of this unique program!

Image of Favor Maple Lacing Whale Toy