Add personality to your space with fresh flowers in one of our unique vases or a colorful throw on your favorite reading chair.

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  2. Ribbed Planter
    Ribbed Planter

    Starting at $80

  3. Favor Bird Vase White
    Bird Vase White

    Starting at $63

  4. Jacquard Toss Pillow
    Jacquard Toss Pillow

    Starting at $30

  5. Everlasting Cactus
    Everlasting Cactus

    Starting at $360

  6. Tuscan Candle Holder
    Tuscan Candle Holder

    Starting at $15

  7. Erte Candle Holder
    Erte Candle Holder

    Starting at $12

  8. Bicolor Calabash
    Bicolor Calabash

    Starting at $62

  9. Vanity Tray Green
    Vanity Tray Green
    Regular Price $88 Special Price $75
  10. Bud Vase
    Bud Vase

    Starting at $40

  11. Prism Lumbar Pillow
    Prism Lumbar Pillow

    Starting at $82

  12. Array Toss Pillow
    Array Toss Pillow

    Starting at $82

  13. Kam Tray
    Kam Tray

    Starting at $50

  14. Nesting Basket Set
    Nesting Basket Set

    Starting at $26

  15. Plain Calabash
    Plain Calabash

    Starting at $85

  16. Sweet Pea Print
    Sweet Pea Print
    Regular Price $30 Special Price $18
  17. Block Planter
    Block Planter

    Starting at $60

  18. Oblique Planter
    Oblique Planter

    Starting at $100

  19. Scale Wall Hanging
    Scale Wall Hanging

    Starting at $45

  20. Favor Mini Dinosaurs
    Mini Dinosaurs

    Starting at $40

  21. Balloon Mirror
    Balloon Mirror

    Starting at $75

  22. Leather Ice Bucket
    Leather Ice Bucket

    Starting at $450

  23. Leather Ice Tongs
    Leather Ice Tongs

    Starting at $35

  24. Round Leather Tray
    Round Leather Tray

    Starting at $140

  25. Favor Extra Large Vase
    Extra Large Vase

    Starting at $150

  26. Small Splash Bottle
    Small Splash Bottle

    Starting at $62

  27. Torrent Catchall
    Torrent Catchall

    Starting at $30

64 Items

Set Descending Direction