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Beautiful design has a big place in our hearts and in our homes. We curate the finest goods in modern home decor, including handcrafted quilts, aromatic candles, unique vases and more.

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  1. Happy Fourth! Enjoy 25% off sitewide use code JULY4.Happy Fourth! Enjoy 25% off sitewide use code JULY4.
  2. Favor Summer Candle
    Favor Summer Candle

    Starting at $18

  3. Plain Calabash
    Plain Calabash

    Starting at $85

  4. Kam Tray
    Kam Tray

    Starting at $50

  5. Palate Polish
    Palate Polish

    Starting at $12

  6. Ewa Throw Blanket
    Ewa Throw Blanket
    Regular Price $160 Special Price $112
  7. Scale Wall Hanging
    Scale Wall Hanging

    Starting at $45

  8. Block Planter
    Block Planter

    Starting at $60

  9. Bird Vase
    Bird Vase

    Starting at $55

  10. Lua Rug
    Lua Rug

    Starting at $525

  11. Mustang Runner Rug
    Mustang Runner Rug

    Starting at $190

  12. Oblique Planter
    Oblique Planter

    Starting at $100

  13. Michelle Pillow
    Michelle Pillow
    Regular Price $80 Special Price $56
  14. Ammu Pillow
    Ammu Pillow
    Regular Price $80 Special Price $56
  15. Nesting Basket Set
    Nesting Basket Set

    Starting at $26

  16. Camila Hand Towel
    Camila Hand Towel

    Starting at $29

  17. Favor Eco Marine Body Balm
    Eco Marine Body Balm
    Regular Price $50 Special Price $35
  18. Favor Linen Fringe Throw
    Linen Fringe Throw

    Starting at $105

  19. Industry West Linen Pillowcase
    Linen Pillowcase

    Starting at $28

  20. Paper Clay Anemone Bowl
    Paper Clay Anemone Bowl
    Regular Price $615 Special Price $430
  21. Favor Scoop Bowl
    Scoop Bowl

    Starting at $112

  22. Favor Apple Mini Vase
    Apple Mini Vase

    Starting at $21

  23. Leather Ice Tongs
    Leather Ice Tongs

    Starting at $35

  24. Ice Cream Mirror
    Ice Cream Mirror

    Starting at $90

  25. Linen Duvet Cover
    Linen Duvet Cover

    Starting at $259

  26. Torrent Vase
    Torrent Vase

    Starting at $96

  27. Rose Kilim Rug
    Rose Kilim Rug

    Starting at $150

  28. Small Splash Bottle
    Small Splash Bottle

    Starting at $62

  29. Linen Towel Apron
    Linen Towel Apron

    Starting at $25

  30. Favor Scoop Tray
    Scoop Tray
    Regular Price $100 Special Price $70
  31. Torrent Catchall
    Torrent Catchall

    Starting at $30

  32. Favor Corrugated Bowl
    Corrugated Bowl

    Starting at $70

  33. Lia Cushion
    Lia Cushion

    Starting at $59

  34. Paper Clay Bowl
    Paper Clay Bowl

    Starting at $84

  35. Favor Extra Large Vase
    Extra Large Vase

    Starting at $175

  36. Round Leather Tray
    Round Leather Tray

    Starting at $140

  37. Lotus Mini Vase
    Lotus Mini Vase

    Starting at $21

  38. Oval Leather Tray
    Oval Leather Tray

    Starting at $120

  39. Favor Walnut Tea Candle Set
    Walnut Tea Candle Set
    Regular Price $120 Special Price $84
  40. Favor Wedge Long Board
    Wedge Long Board

    Starting at $98

  41. Leather Ice Bucket
    Leather Ice Bucket

    Starting at $450

  42. Balloon Mirror
    Balloon Mirror

    Starting at $75

  43. Bunny Rug
    Bunny Rug

    Starting at $210

  44. Mustang Rug
    Mustang Rug

    Starting at $350

  45. Column Candles
    Column Candles

    Starting at $5

  46. Folding Vase
    Folding Vase

    Starting at $70

  47. Paper Clay Bottle
    Paper Clay Bottle

    Starting at $172

  48. White Rose Kilim Rug
    White Rose Kilim Rug

    Starting at $395

  49. Small Toiletry Bag
    Small Toiletry Bag

    Starting at $32

  50. Favor Linen Waffle Throw
    Linen Waffle Throw

    Starting at $75

  51. Mini Dinosaurs
    Mini Dinosaurs

    Starting at $40

105 Items

Set Descending Direction