Haeckels Traditional Seaweed Bath

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We know it sounds strange to fill a bathtub with a fistful of leaves, but stay with us. Seaweed—wild and hand-harvested, in this case—is known to soften skin by encouraging new epidermal cells to emerge. Seaweed also brightens existing skin while slowing down the aging process. The raw botanicals in this bag are completely free of fragrance and dyes—a dream for sensitive skin.

Haeckels products are crafted east of London, in a tiny beachside town called Margate. The bodycare line is not just made in Margate, but made of Margate, incorporating raw botanicals from the town’s lands and seas. The Haeckels flagship shop in Margate overlooks the seaweed-rich Walpole Bay on a cliffside, where the English Channel meets the North Sea. The Haeckels team hand-harvests seaweed and other natural botanicals with care. This product is not tested on animals—the Haeckels staff proudly tests themselves, assuring that you receive the best in natural care.