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Serve & Entertain

Guess who’s coming for dinner? No matter the answer, we’re here to prepare your home with visionary table accessories for all of your serving and entertaining needs.

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  1. Shop our new arrivals!Shop our new arrivals!
  2. Favor A Little Color Plates
    A Little Color Plate

    Starting at $24

  3. Favor A Little Color Mugs
    A Little Color Mug

    Starting at $18

  4. Kam Tray
    Kam Tray

    Starting at $125

  5. Gathering Bowl
    Gathering Bowl

    Starting at $80

  6. Leather Ice Bucket
    Leather Ice Bucket

    Starting at $450

  7. Leather Ice Tongs
    Leather Ice Tongs

    Starting at $35

27 Items

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