October 12, 2021

FAVOR x Rue Candle Collaboration

Let’s be honest. We’re all a little bit basic and have that drawer (maybe even closet?) that’s hiding our candle obsession. It’s time to make more room for our latest collaboration with Rue Magazine.

The FAVOR team partnered with Danny Seo and RUE to create two unique scents that will refresh your space. Over the last year, it’s felt like everyone around us is buying, selling, or scrolling Zillow incessantly to take advantage of a booming housing market. Danny and his team recognized a need to rejuvenate the outdated rituals of baking cookies to attract a buyer or scrubbing every inch of the floors to get rid of the previous owners’ unique aroma. Our friends at RUE reached out to us in the hopes of creating energy-inspired candles that would help people during a sometimes-stressful life change.

Like the real estate market, the collaboration moved quickly, and our team was ready to jump on the opportunity. The FAVOR team curated a collection of scent combinations to send to RUE that not only smelled amazing but were also inspired by the influence each ingredient leaves in the space with just one strike of a match. We thoughtfully considered the emotions that buyers and sellers experienced throughout the process (#stressed) and chose combinations with naturally calming effects. Our team combined notes of various scents to formulate 10 options to send to the RUE team. They ranged from citrus (evoking “happy” feelings) to herbal (more grounding/calming) with hints of florals.

FAXOR x RUE logo on the top of a pink boxFAXOR x RUE logo on the top of a pink box
aloe plant in front of a box with a cactus in front of italoe plant in front of a box with a cactus in front of it
description of candle scent on the back on a pink boxdescription of candle scent on the back on a pink box
“Working with the FAVOR team was amazing! It was fun to collaborate and choose the perfect scent. Each candle is form AND function at its finest.- Kelli Lamb”
pink candle box full of lavender stemspink candle box full of lavender stems
green candle in with two succulentsgreen candle in with two succulents

After Danny and the RUE Team chose the final fragrances, it was time to pick the perfect monikers that would reflect the end goal of each candle.

On the House is meant to be a scent for a seller. The concoction of Jade + Cactus Flower will make any buyer want to stop in and smell the space. The goal is to make the seller feel positive and prosperous, like the equivalent of someone picking up your tab.  (or making a solid offer on your home!)

CTRL+ALT+DEL erases all the bad vibes for a buyer/new homeowner. White Sage and lavender will clear your space of negative energy or leftover stench from the previous owner. This candle will help anyone press the reset button in their home.

With the names confirmed, candle production was underway! All hand-poured in Jacksonville, FL, home of the FAVOR/Industry West HQ, you can trust that they’re naturally scented and will enhance any home whether you’re buying, selling, or simply staying put.

We asked Kelli Lamb, the Editorial Director of Rue Media, what she thought of each scent. She said, "I love the concept behind these: CTRL+ALT+DEL is perfect for clearing out bad energy and starting fresh— my husband and I just bought our first home and have been burning it nonstop to clear out any negative or weird energy and start this new chapter with the home as our own. On The House is really fresh and in a way, smells motivating to me, so I like to light it before tackling a big project or something I've been putting off. It's a really positive, welcoming fragrance— ideal if you're trying to sell a home or wanting to change the frequency in your own space."

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Danny and RUE Magazine on this collaboration and know you’ll love these candles as much as we do! Our hope is that these candles will sit on the kitchen counter, in a bedroom, or on a coffee table as a symbol of something new that lies ahead—a new home, a new opportunity, a new relationship, or simply renewed energy.

As you get your hands on our newest collab, receive these blessings over each scent from our Founder Anne England.

On the House: May the smell of this candle bring you a strength of spirit. You are stronger than you think! May the light usher in all the good things to come.

CTRL+ALT+DEL: May the scent from this candle usher in a new sense of calm. May the light fill any dark corners or extinguish any negative thoughts and bring you peace.

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