June 18, 2021

Maker of the Month: Stoned

Our June Maker of the Month, Stoned, creates some seriously beautiful marble pieces for your everyday use, but they also know how to not take themselves too seriously. As founders, Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet would say, “We make good, minimalist sh*t that does not go out of style.” The more we learn about Stoned and their gorgeous products, the more our crush grows! You’ll be easily impressed by their elegant everyday home goods and entertained by their approachable personalities. Learn more in our interview with Stoned:

Your marble goods come in a few different color collections; can you share more about where you source your stone?

We source all our marble from the Eagean coast and the Turkish countryside, and only the green marble is from India. Before Covid, Derkan and John traveled to Turkey every 6 months in search of beautiful new variations of marble and to visit the small workshop they work with.


We’re super inspired by your humor and tone of voice in your branding and advertising—is this reflective of your company culture/work environment?

We work as a small team in quite an informal way. We have an office space with our own flagship shop just outside the city center of Amsterdam. We are very much influenced by our open-minded hometown. We are serious about marble, but since marble can be quite heavy, we like to keep things light. 


Many of Stoned’s items are elevated basics or common household items. What is special about using marble as a material for everyday items?

Some characteristics of marble can come in handy in daily life. Marble keeps cold easily which is wonderful if you use our cooler to keep your wine chilled or our larger kitchen boards for making dough, for example.


Besides that, we believe marble helps elevate your daily life. Sure, you can serve your sandwich on an ordinary plate, but when served on marble, we believe your sandwich tastes even better!  It is all about spending time with family and friends and making those moments more special by adding that touch of marble.


How do Amsterdam and the neighborhood where you are located influence your process and product?

Seeing the world in black and white is a good thing in design. When we founded Stoned, we introduced a collection in white and in black marble with success, but we felt the urge to create a collection with a more human approach. Around that time, we stumbled upon some amazing pink marble at one of our sourcing trips—the perfect color for us to underline diversity. The pink collection was supposed to be limited, but due to popular demand, we decided to make it a permanent collection and re-named it to Pride. You could say it’s a product from the Amsterdam ideology—seeing the world in black and white may be a good thing in design, but not in daily life, right?


Marble can be a high-maintenance material— what’s your number one tip for taking care of it well (or learning to live with the imperfections)?

There are some things you need to know about marble. For example: don’t drop it! Marble is strong but also fragile, so always handle it with care. Never ever use bleach to clean your marble and never use your marble kitchen board to chop lemons or beetroot—it will most definitely stain the marble. And yup, embrace little stains and marks since they only give character to your marble piece and hopefully remind you of a lovely evening with your loved one—a lot of cheese and good wine!

Stoned owners crafting marble pieces, black and white working with goggles, behind the scenesStoned owners crafting marble pieces, black and white working with goggles, behind the scenes
Pink marble found in TurkeyPink marble found in Turkey
Stoned Storefront, High on Marble, Stoned Store in AmsterdamStoned Storefront, High on Marble, Stoned Store in Amsterdam
Stoned Founders, Derkan Atakan and John ter RietStoned Founders, Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet
“seeing the world in black and white may be a good thing in design, but not in daily life, right?”

Whether you’re impressing guests or want to showcase classic style, you’ll find timeless, sophisticated pieces handcrafted at the Stoned Amsterdam studio! Check out their collection below: