November 23, 2021

Our FAVORite Cocktail: November 2021

As we gather with friends and family for the holidays, we all feel the tension between the excitement of celebrating and the exhaustion of planning. We're constantly looking for stress-free options for entertaining, so Maddie offered a refreshing solution in our FAVORite cocktail this month!


Enjoy this refreshing season drink as either a cocktail or mocktail! I chose this recipe due to the simplicity of the ingredients and the ability to adapt it to suit different people's beverage preferences. Plus, I wanted to be able to use some of our fun new glassware! So, go ahead and take a break from your typical Thanksgiving wine with this new fall batch cocktail.

Watch the full video here!

“Cheers to your new favorite drink!”

Apple Cider Fizz

52 oz Apple Cider

1 Apple (sliced)

1 Orange (sliced)

1 Cup Cranberries

1 Bottle of Champagne


4 Cans of Ginger Ale

1 TBSP Pumpkin Pie Spice


  1. Thinly slice apples and oranges, then place into a large pitcher.
  2. Add cranberries to the pitcher.
  3. Pour half the apple cider and tablespoon of spice mix. Whisk to combine.
  4. Add the rest of the apple cider and stir.
  5. Fill a glass with ice. Pour the juice mixture, filling up the glass halfway.
  6. Top off with your choice of champagne or ginger ale.
  7. Enjoy!

*Also Recommended: Swap your fizzy drink of choice for your favorite whiskey!


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