February 26, 2020

The Favor Travel Diary: Alice Fay's Bahamas Cruise

We’re excited about travel in 2020, and not just the pretty photos and picture-perfect meals and experiences. We’re big believers in embracing the full travel experience—the ups, downs, missed flights, surprises, and humorous moments along the way. After all, aren’t the unexpected moments often the ones we remember most?

So, join us! We’re inviting you to share your funny, crazy, unexpected travel memories with us using the hashtag #favortraveldiary. Tag us on Instagram or send us your travel tales directly—we can’t wait to hear your stories (and we’ll share a few of our favorites along the way)!

Next up on our #favortraveldiary feature is Alice Fay, a member of the Favor team who recently spent a week on a cruise in the Bahamas...with 11 family members! Read on below to see hear about Alice's trip, and learn more about how she travels (hint: always with Polaroid camera and a reusable water bottle in hand). 

Favor: You recently took a cruise to the Bahamas with your family! What inspired the trip and how many of you traveled together?

Alice: My cousin LOVES cruises and she was surprising her 2 kids (8 & 10) with their first cruise as a Christmas present, so we made it a family trip. There was a total of 12 of us! 

F: Travel can be an up and down process, especially on longer trips. What was the high point and low point of the cruise? 

A: High point- My brother-in-law and I crushed Harry Potter trivia and took home a trophy (got all of the questions right)! Low point- I got an upper respiratory infection part of the way through the trip so I definitely could have done without that.

F: General question. What’s one thing that you never travel without?

A: I always love to bring (at least) one book, a reusable cup, and my polaroid camera.

F: Let’s talk travel plans. Do you tend to be a spontaneous traveler, or are you a planner? 

A: A little of both. As soon as I know I’m going on a trip I love to research places to eat, and sights to see and start a list on my phone. I always mark things I know I definitely want to do, but then I can kind of pick and choose other things once I get closer to the trip/once I’m there.

F: Most of us have a favorite way to experience a new place, whether it’s taking photos, trying local food, chatting with locals, visiting museums or visiting museums. What’s yours, and did you get to take advantage of that on this trip?

A: I definitely love to take photos, but I also just really love people-watching. I didn’t take quite as many photos as I wanted this trip, but I did do a LOT of people-watching (I mean, I’m on a boat that’s pretty much the best activity).

F: Everyone has something they love and don’t exactly love when it comes to travel. What are your favorite and least favorite aspects?

A: Favorite- food honestly. I love looking for local places whenever I travel, its always a fun experience and makes me feel more like a local than a tourist (restaurants/coffee shops/bakeries always take up most of my “to try").

Least favorite- I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation to ease myself back to my daily routine and I don’t always get that with every trip.

F: Tell us your craziest travel story (it can be from this trip, or from other past trips!)

A: I was coming home from a trip to NYC with my friends and the airline asked for a few volunteers to take another flight in exchange for a pretty huge travel voucher. We figured why not, plus we got free drink vouchers to use while we waited for our flight. Our trip had a connection in Atlanta, and when we got our boarding passes for the second flight realized we had been bumped up to first class. So our travel home was a pretty amazing experience, all because we didn’t mind taking a later flight.

Oh also I was almost arrested on a train in Australia when I was 20. But that was a big misunderstanding *shrug*

Jordan and Tevor SmithJordan and Tevor Smith

Favor Travel DiaryFavor Travel Diary

Favor Travel DiaryFavor Travel Diary
“I love looking for local places whenever I travel, its always a fun experience and makes me feel more like a local than a tourist."