January 28, 2020

Behind the Scenes: How we source our products

Have you ever wondered how the Favor team sources the collection of handmade goods in our catalog? From cheeky lunch bags to delicate ceramics, each partnership with a maker usually starts with a conversation and an understanding of the story behind their products.

We love finding thoughtfully-made goods from around the world—usually handmade, often made with organic materials or Fair Trade verification. Knowing that we’re partnering with makers who embrace ethical practices is a huge part of our brand’s values, but we also love the process of learning a creator’s story and process. Whether they draw inspiration from their hometown or native culture, or create in order to bring awareness to environmental or social issues, we’ve found that the stories always forge a deeper connection between the maker, the goods they create, and their customers.

Searching for unique and beautiful goods often means a lot of travel—we recently visited Paris to attend Maison&Objet, a lifestyle showcase with an endless diversity of goods—from furniture and accessories, to textiles, fragrances, children’s goods, and more. “Our favorite part about attending these shows is to see trends, discover new artists, and reconnect with some of our existing vendors,” says Anne England, Founder of Favor. 

With hundreds and even thousands of makers and exhibitors attending these shows, it can seem overwhelming to navigate as a buyer and curator. However, there’s no better opportunity to spend time with makers and hear their stories face-to-face. “I look for vendors that care about what they do and makers that love what they create,” says Anne. “Even when the actual maker isn’t at the show, I love hearing his or her team talk about their process of creating and growing their business.”

Traveling far and wide to meet makers in person is a fun way for our team to not only source new products, but to build connections with artisans all over the world, each of whom have their own unique artistic vision reflective of their respective cultures and nationality. “The beauty of attending Maison&Objet is that a lot of the products I gravitate toward are hard to find in the states,” says Anne. If you’ve visited our site, you’ll see that we carry goods from across the globe—India, Canada, Scotland, Spain, Japan, France, and Portugal, to name a few.

When the show is over, we typically spend a lot of time in back-and-forth communication with makers about what we think would be a good fit for Favor to carry. According to Anne, this looks like a lot of emails, and then handing off the logistics piece “…to my colleagues that are my heroes and make sure the items get here safe and sound.” When everything arrives, we either hold it in stock or display it in one of our two showrooms, and then lovingly hand-pack and ship each order to our soon-to-be happy customers. 

“Even when the actual maker isn’t at the show, I love hearing his or her team talk about their process of creating and growing their business.”

So, what can you expect to see from Favor in 2020? “I really want to round out the Favor catalog in 2020,” says Anne. “We have some gaps I want to fill, in our ‘Dine’ section. I also want to refresh the color palette of some of our existing products.” 

We take great pride in searching the globe to find beautiful goods handmade with love, and we think you’ll love what we have in store for this year. And, Anne said it best: “Those are the things I look for the most, things that are special and that I would love to have in my own home.”