January 21, 2020

Catching Up With Favor's Founder: Anne England

The Favor blog is here, and what better way to kick things off than to introduce you to our founder, Anne England? Favor was born in 2019 after Anne’s years of traveling the globe with her husband, Jordan, sourcing items for Industry West, the furniture company that they co-founded in 2011. After discovering countless uniquely skilled designers and artisans on their travels, Anne founded Favor to shine a light on their creations and the stories that they tell.

We caught Anne between travels to answer a few questions -read on to learn about her favorite products, crazy travel stories, and how she balances working-mom life.

FAVOR: You hand-select each product that Favor carries. What do you look for in a maker?
Anne: I am all about relationships, so the makers we work with are individuals and companies that I trust. That might sound naïve, but at the end of the day I want to curate products that come from people who love what they do, and their inspiration comes through in their products.

F: You travel a bunch for work and play. What’s something that’s always in your carry-on?
A: The obvious basics like my computer, and I never check my makeup. That is always within arm’s length. I also am a big believer that a big scarf wrapped around your neck after a long flight somehow makes you feel more ‘put-together.’


“For the record, you are not a true adult until you have had to change a diaper in an airplane bathroom”

F: Tell us your craziest story about traveling (with your daughters, husband, for work, or all of the above).
A: Our girls are six and three and we try to travel with them as much as possible. We have had the typical craziness that happens when you travel with kids. We have been those annoying passengers with a toddler throwing a tantrum during a flight. We have had our baby poop during the final descent on a flight, which means you have to just wait until you disembark to change it. And, for the record, you are not a true adult until you have had to change a diaper in an airplane bathroom. Our youngest daughter was notorious for spitting up after bottle feedings when she was an infant. We enabled a fellow passenger to gag after our kid spit up formula into the aisle of the plane. Glamorous.

F: What are some of your favorite Favor products?
A: I have an obsession when it comes to ceramics. It might be a problem. I love all the vases and pottery we have on the site, and most of it has also ended up in my house. Jordan and I are big believers in hospitality, so I love finding items that help make entertaining fun and different.

F: How do you stay organized between balancing a growing business and young children?
A: Balance is almost impossible, and I think an illusion. To be honest, I feel like there is something or someone not getting enough of my attention. My family takes priority, but with that said ’Mom Guilt’ is a real thing. I love having calendar parties to plan and stay on top of our craziness.

F: What’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?
A: Cooking dinner, a glass of wine, and hanging out with Jordan and our girls. Simple. Easy. No nonsense.

F: What are you most excited about for 2020?
A: I’m excited to see how Favor continues to evolve. We have not even celebrated our first anniversary as a brand, and the ride so far has been amazing.